Privacy Policy

Last modified: December 10, 2019
Welcome to QuarterCall!

The QuarterCall service (also referred to herein as “QuarterCall”, “Website”, or “Service”) is an Internet site and application for analyzing credit unions, owned and operated by Mombi, LLC (“Mombi”, “we” or “us”), an Arizona Limited Liability Company. We have the modest goal of making the internet a better place, and as such are committed to your privacy. This privacy policy describes what information we collect on our Website and in the use of our Service, how we use that information, and what options we offer you to control your personal information.

We will need to process your personal information in order to offer the Service. By using the Website or you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Service and this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) including how and why we use your information and that your use of the Website is subject to the applicable Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. If you do not want us to collect or process your personal information as described herein, you have several choices including limiting the information we collect on you, or not using the Website.

By using the Website, you acknowledge that Mombi will use your information in the United States, where Mombi operates.


In the course of providing you access to the Website, Mombi collects and receives personal information in a few ways. Often, you can choose what information to provide, but sometimes we require personal information from you to carry out certain activities such as account verification. This section details the ways in which we collect information from you and how that information is received.

Account Registration

Although the Website provides for anonymous use, in some instances in order to use certain Services, we require account registration. This requires a name associated with your account, an email address at which we can contact you, and in some cases, additional information including, a contact address, a billing address, and a password to help secure your personal information.

When completing an “account” for the use of our Website, we may require you to share certain personally identifying information or sensitive information in required and optional account fields. Other information may also be collected if you choose to take certain elective actions through forms on the Website, including, e.g., submitting feedback through the contact form on the site.

Information Collected Automatically

Mombi receives and records information from your browser or mobile device when you visit the Website or use the Service, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address or unique device identifier. Cookies and data about which pages you visit on our Website allow us to operate and optimize the Service we provide to you. This information is stored in secure logs and is collected automatically. We may combine this browser information with other information we collect about you. This information is used to keep the Website and Service secure, analyze and understand how our Website is used, optimize such usage, and to personalize your experience.

Information Shared with Third Parties

We may share personal information with third parties who provide services to Mombi, such as email delivery services, spam protection services, etc. When Mombi shares your personal information and other collected information with third party service providers, we require that they use your information only for the purpose of providing services to us and that their terms are consistent with this privacy policy.

Mombi uses the reCAPTCHA service to automatically block malicious traffic (“spam”, “bots”).

Advertising and Marketing Partners

Mombi does not share, sell, or otherwise transmit your information to advertisers. We may use your information internally to market our Website to you and communicate important information and product opportunities to you. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing communications from us, you can tell us and remove yourself from our marketing communications via the unsubscribe and opt out options in our email communications.

Analytics Information

Mombi uses data analytics to ensure site functionality and to optimize our Website and Service offerings to you. We use web browser and mobile analytics to allow us to understand Website functionality. In doing so, we record information including, for example how often you visit the Website, Website performance data, errors and debugging information, and the type of activity you engage in while on the Website or in your use of our Service. We do not share this information with third parties.


Privacy is a guiding principle of all Mombi products and we value your privacy. To this end, we provide you with the ability to control how your information is stored, and what information is collected. You may choose not to share certain information by creating a pseudonymous account. Additionally, much of the data we collect is voluntary and your choice entirely to provide us or not. You may also remove certain optional information that you no longer wish to be stored. And of course, should you wish, you may also request the permanent deletion of your account, in which case all personal information collected on you will be removed from our servers and encrypted (except, in some cases your IP address required for security purposes, site maintenance, and spam protection).


In order to provide the Website along with the Products and Services described in this policy, we may store cookies on your system to maintain a consistent, cohesive experience throughout multiple sessions. You can control the ability of the Website to store cookies on your system by disabling cookies in your web browser, or by not using the Website. Similar to cookies, information may also be stored on your system using Web Storage APIs.